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Do you feel entitled to be part of the decision?

I believe entitlement about decisions is a big problem in organisation and it’s a big time waster when it comes to meetings and getting things done.  Those that second guess decisions that have been made or feel that they are entitled to have a say in a decision creates time wasting and unhappiness.  It is an indication of lack of trust.

We have often mistaken “disagreement” with “bad decisions”.  Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean it’s a bad decision. 

I believe this is why so many people attend meetings that they should not.  They are afraid a decision will be made they disagree with or they feel entitled to have a say. 

Even when people don’t attend a meeting, they insist on having a say, or insist on having the meeting again so they can have their say.

If you are not able to attend a meeting then you need to trust that those in the room will make the best decision given the information and resources they have available to them.

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