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Reaching consensus in meetings

Often when we meet, it’s to reach an agreement or alignment on an issue.  Getting a diverse group of stakeholders across the line can be challenging.

Sonia Tallarida of the Coherence Group first introduced me to the idea of the 4 L’s.

  • Love it
  • Like it
  • Live with it
  • Loathe it

When it comes to making group decisions or reaching group consensus, too often we are aiming for Love it or Like it when in fact, having everyone to the point where they can live with it is sufficient.  It may not sound as sexy as everyone loving it, however in terms of moving forward, live with it is just fine.

The only reason we would keep talking is if one (or more) people in the group are at the Loathe level.  In which case we ask the question “What would have to change for you to be able to live with this decision?”.

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