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Using technology to collaborate rather than a meeting

In the 1960’s we spent about 10 hours per week in meetings, now we are at the point where executives spend an average of at least 23 hours a week in them.

Yet there are plenty of other ways to interact and collaborate. 

In China much of the communication and collaboration happens via an app called WeChat.  Millennials much prefer communicating via chat apps or social media.  Email is a declining technology that is used only in corporate settings.  Very few people have a personal email these days.  At the time of writing this, MS Outlook on my iPhone was incorporating a more chat like user interface.

Apps will come and go and they will only get better when it comes to communicating and collaborating.  At the time of writing, Slack, WhatsApp, Trello are amongst a few that are creating online collaborations without the need for physical meetings.

Communication and technology is ubiquitous.  We just need to get smarter about how we use it.

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