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Stuart is a web designer, and he meets regularly with clients to be briefed on projects, provide updates and manage projects.

In the past, his meetings were scheduled for one hour, and more often than not they took the whole hour, as his clients sometimes had a tendency to ramble or get off track. Not only that, clients would often not be clear on their deliverables and timeline following the meetings, causing delays in the project; for example, getting artwork, copy or feedback to him in a timely manner to keep the website design moving along.

First up, Stuart didn’t tell his clients he was doing 25-minute meetings; he just set his mind to it. Then he took on the responsibility for making notes and sharing with the clients immediately afterwards what their deliverables were and the due dates. He would also follow up with check-in emails as the deadlines grew closer. It worked immediately!

By staying focused he has managed to keep almost every meeting to 25 minutes. And his projects have become smoother, with fewer delays waiting for clients to send him the bits they need. It has had zero impact on customer service. In fact, most of his clients are delighted that the work is done so efficiently!

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