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I once observed a three-day meeting with over 60 delegates where they achieved a full strategic plan without the use of one PowerPoint slide. (Yes, really.) Instead, every discussion was captured using a ‘graphic recorder’.

This was a person whose job was to sketch out words, shapes and pictures related to the content of the conversations, on a wall visible to the whole group. I was so inspired by this, I went on to become a graphic recorder myself, and have recorded meetings, conference discussions, and also delivered my own sessions through this method.

It’s a different and more engaging way to capture notes from a meeting. At the end, you can give permission for everyone to whip out their smart phones and take a photo of the whiteboard. Voilà! Everyone has a record of notes and agreements.

You don’t need to be an artist (as you can clearly see from the example in figure 9.4), and you don’t need to rush off and become a graphic recorder just to do 25-minute meetings. It’s simply another way to make the short time we have together even more valuable.

Having a healthy visual vocabulary can be useful, though, so you may like to check out my book Visual Vocab: 200 words, 800 pictures to help you practice.

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