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Never set a meeting without a goal

A friend recently told me about a meeting he once attended that had a subject of ‘goal setting’ in the email invite. There was no other information provided.

When everyone arrived in the room, no-one really knew what was expected of them, or what the outcome of the meeting was supposed to be. Zero preparation had been done, so another meeting had to be scheduled because all they did in this one was discuss what the purpose of the meeting was.

They realised that goal setting was not the purpose. It was alignment. The project had a number of deliverables and agreement was needed to determine responsibilities and time frames.

They agreed that was their purpose, so by the next meeting, people came prepared to share their high-level plans and projected time frames, and the only issue that came up for debate was when interdependent time frames clashed. And, you guessed it: the second meeting only took 25 minutes.

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A client, Sue, decided to set all of her future calendar appointments to 30 minutes irrespective of who was involved and what the topic of discussion was. She knew this would give her 25 minutes of productive... More
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