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Think agile to improve interaction

An executive team I once worked with needed to improve their overall meeting structure and governance. The nature of their business was fast paced and rapidly changing, with a strong sense of urgency, and their current meetings did not reflect this at all.

They had weekly team meetings that were poorly attended, rarely stuck to an agenda and were dominated by the latest greatest crisis.

To make the necessary changes to more effective meetings, they started with daily stand-up meetings and all agreed that 25 minutes was too long, so they cut it down to 15 minutes. Within five days, they were already experiencing a change in how they interacted with each other and trust was on the increase. But more exciting was that they were on top of things and able to apply the level of agility required for their fast-paced business.

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I recently took a phone call from a distraught colleague. Her supervisor had taken leave and, in their absence, Claire would be taking up the slack. After two days, Claire was feeling overwhelmed and... More
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